Slap ya mama 1lb seafood boil

FITS Landmann 31401

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Category: Seasonings and Spices

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Part Description

Slap ya mama 1lb seafood boil


1lb bag

Quantity In Pack: 1

Additional Information

Slap ya mama seafood boil is a unique blend of seasonings that will add that great cajun flavor to any boiled dish. just pour in and boil. it may also be used to boil, lobsters, onions, sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, corn on the cob and more.

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Description: Gloss black enamelled hood and fire bowl Heavy duty cast iron enamelled grills Cooking area: 57cm x 41cm Height adjustable charcoal tray for direct and indirect cooking Bottom wire shelf Large warming rack 54.5cm x 22cm 2 foldable side shelves Double walled lid Integrated lid thermometer Easily removable ash catcher Suitable for up to 10 people

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Owner's Manual (General)


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